Shepherd Games offers you Tic Tac Toe, an online multiplayer game for your HTML supported projects.


  • Four game modes
    • Easy mode with AI
    • Hard mode with AI
    • Local multiplayer
    • Online multiplayer (For testing, play the game in two different browsers)
      • Compete online with Friends and Family by sharing an invite code or joining an invite code
      • Compete online with strangers (no communication)
  • Try the demo before you download it
  • Easily to implement
  • No Shepherd Games' splash screen

Note: Inorder for the online random mode to work, apart from you there should be atleast one user available online.

For any support, you may reach out to us at our Discord channel or write to

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googles tic tac toe is better

sorry to say that


Thank you for reviewing our game. Will keep this in mind next time I make a game. :)

You have a great day!