A Do-It-Yourself game for you to craft objects like light bulb.

Only one craft as of now and WIP. More coming soon. Hope you like it :)

Development log


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hmm nice little game, looks good ands seems like a diy game, the could be made a little harder though as it seem a little to straightforward, and it doesnt feel like you did something and just held the left click button and drag some things around, hopefully it get better, other than that it seems like a good game and looks good to, like its hand drawn

Hey thanks mate for playing the game. Yes, it's straight forward as of now. I'm going to add more levels, light bulb is going to be the first level so thought to make it easy and self explanatory but I hear your suggestion, I will make it little challenging. :D

oh really nice that would be cool, would love to see where this game is going.

Thank you :D