Game Assets

Shepherd Games offers you assets for your games. This asset pack will allow you to build atleast 7 different games. We are constantly working on new projects, which will eventually add to these assets.

The asset pack consists of

  1. App Icons
  2. UI and buttons 
  3. Backgrounds
  4. Sprites
  5. Fonts
  6. Mocks for home, game and gameover screens
  7. Screenshots for storelisting


  1. Free upgrades
  2. Source files wherever available
  3. License for unlimited commercial projects

We are providing some of the source files to help you modify the assets as per your interest. 

Note: It does not contain assets for Snake and Ladders.

Live previews: Tic Tac Toe | Dots n Lines | 2048 | Sudoku | Match My Color | Ludo

Download Source Codes |  Free Assets | HTML Games


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